Monday, 25 June 2012

John Delaney 'Hard at Work'

John Delaney keeping things in check in Poznan

John Delaney has been on the defensive these last few days. In Poland the fans chanted "he used to be a w*nker.... but he's alright now" at him. But were they right? Is he alright? Or is he a w*nker?

There's nought wrong with having a few beers and heaven forbid being photographed having a few beers but given the current state of the League of Ireland and Irish football at the grassroots level, is it appropriate for the head man of the FAI to be caught langered and making a show of himself? Or does it show that he's an ordinary grounded bloke who is just really a fan at heart?

Here's an article of him defending his recent behaviour with Dion Fanning from the Irish Independent. One thing's for sure and that is he seems to like more than just the 'odd night out' judging by all the photos and videos on the web.

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