Friday, 8 June 2012

Fever Pitch

The fever is setting in... You know it's setting in when you start singing 'Put em under pressure' in the shower first thing in the morning, doing your best impression of a Jack Charlton accent. I even bought an Ireland jersey for the first time in years today. I was backed into a corner because the only one I have is from USA 94 and the OPEL logo on it is starting to fall off, never mind the fact that its blue instead of white. There's retro and then there's crap, but I'm still gonna wear it, I just need to have a backup plan.

Poland and Greece squared off today to start the ball rolling, closely followed by Russia and the Czech Republic. I thought it ended up being a few hours of decent football. More likely the case that I was just starved of it over the past few weeks. Overall the Russians look like they should easily top Group A, whereas 2nd place is up for grabs, and could be taken by any of the other 3 teams. No surprises there then, but how will Russia fare against Holland/Germany/Portugal in the quarter finals, that my friends is the question?

Back home in Ireland meanwhile, the country is draped in tricolours , there's a buzz in the air, the football has started, we're part of it for the first time in 24 years, Roy Keane is laughing along with Patrick Vieira on ITV, everything is going to be brilliant... Ireland is smiling again. It's great to be here right now. But don't get me wrong it would be better to be in Poland. I keep saying to myself 'France 2016, that will be my chance'... One thing at a time, all that matters is Sunday night. Bring on the Croatians and their stupid looking jerseys.


  1. Ireland is in a very tought group C along with Spain, Italy and Croatia, but I'm giving them a fair chance of beating Italy and Croatia. A draw with Spain is the best that we could hope for, as I believe Spain is the best football team in Europe today. But of course in football as in life, everything is possible.

    1. I completely agree with you. A positive result tomorrow and we'll be dancing in the streets. On the other hand if we get beaten then its probably all over. It will be interesting to see how Spain get on against Italy. If they draw then our game will be even more crucial.

  2. We have gotta get something out of tomorrow. News reports from the camp seem positive, confident but grounded... all the things that can get us something. Can't help thinking bout Chealsea and what they've achieved through good tactics in the face of adversity. We have some good game changers on the bench, strong players in cox/mcclean/walters.. it all rests on our defensive record continuing and the subs taking over from tired legs

    We love you richie dunne, oh we love you.

    Feeling positive, confident and grounded. Give it a lash Trap

  3. How the mighty may fall..Denmark showing us the way

  4. I reckon we can follow Denmark's lead tomorrow with a bit of luck. I wonder how many supporters will be in the stadium tomorrow?

    Germany and Portugal was a bit of a dud game but I still fancy Germany to prevail. They have a decent squad but will grow into the tournament.