Sunday, 10 June 2012

Best Ireland Football Songs

The build up tonight's game is everywhere. It's on the radio, on the streets, in the pubs. Everyone is talking about only 1 thing: how are Ireland going to fare tonight against Croatia? Instead of discussing this here however, the priority is to soak up some pre-match build up. So I thought I'd put up my favourite football tunes from this and our previous Euro and World Cup adventures. 'Put em under pressure' is my personal favourite. The Horslips guitar hook is what gives it it's knock-out punch. Let me know what yours is or if I've left any out.


  1. You forgot to add Jedward green cape/lipstick rework...

    +1 for put em under pressure. Joxer close second (and it's the last Euro song)

  2. Found another little diddle...

  3. there's loads of em

    "Use your inner gary breen, there's one in every single man"

  4. OMG. Like no way, how could I forget Jedward guys. Oh right that's why, because they're rubbish!

    How do you feel about the game? I'm fairly worn out and down in the dumps after it all...