Thursday, 28 June 2012

The Boys in Green left their mark alright

You'll never beat the singing anyway!
If ever proof was needed that the 30,000 Paddies who descended on Poznan for Ireland's Euro 2012 group fixtures with Croatia and Spain, left a major impression on the locals then here it is... The video clip below shows a bunch of Poles singing the now infamous chant of "Stand up/Sit down for the Boys in Green". Yet this clip was recorded not while the Green Army were still in Poland, but in the lead up to last night's dour semi final between Spain and Portugal, some 10 days after we got knocked out by Italy.

This clip really warms the cockles of my heart. It shows that yes, singing even when you're losing is important, as it can show others that there are more important things, such as, well having the craic. If there is anything we should be sharing with other creeds and cultures it is this. It is the quintessential Irish characteristic. An ability to not take things too seriously and to always look on the bright side, no matter how bad things get. And now it seems the seed has been spread and the Polish are taking this message to their hearts.

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